Gelatin at the Shore of Lake Pipi Kacka / Gelatin 在伦敦FRIEZE艺术博览会上的作品

“Gelatin’s sold out presentation at London’s first Frieze Art Fair welcomed audience, critics and fans into the darkened lecture hall, candle-lit by a table top human birthday cake. They gave a vivid review of recent site specific works from the Shanghai, Berlin and Salzburg employing the technical aid of slides, blackboard diagrams, scary videos, a Chinese translator and helpful assistants. Displaying balance and flexibility the boys re-interpreted their Arc de triomphe piss-in-mouth sculpture. With exquisite aim and a sing-a-long finale, it is safe to say that the Gelatin offered Art Fair goers something slightly different than the regular art fare.” (Vargas Organisation)

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Lors d’ une soirée à la lueur de bougies plantées dans un gâteau d’anniversaire humain, les Gelitin, groupuscule d’artistes autrichiens, rejouèrent, en payant de leur personne, quelques-unes de leurs pièces. Dont un Arc de triomphe en forme d’acrobate qui se fait pipi dans la bouche.



Maria Louise Del Rosario 的特别纹身 / Maria Louise Del Rosario gets anal tattoo

(17 Aug, 2012)Earlier this week the world watched as 22-year-old Maria Louise Del Rosario screamed, “Dude, it feels so f**king good,” as she got her boyfriend’s name tattooed in her butthole. The video immediately went viral, receiving over 3 million views in three days.

(2012年8月17号)本周早些时候全世界都听到了,22岁的 玛丽亚·路易丝·德尔罗萨里奥 震耳欲聋的那句: “哇塞,这感觉真TMD好。” 她把她男友的名字纹在了自己的屁眼上。这段视频病毒式地传播开去,在三天内被观看超过300万次。

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