les traveaux de CRAIG DRENNEN / CRAIG DRENNEN’s works / CRAIG DRENNEN的作品

Craig Drennen was born in the late 1960’s in a suburb of Akron, OH, USA. He lived in New York city during the 1990’s, but left New York in 1999 to pursue his work in the relative isolation of coastal Georgia.




From 2002 until 2007 I made drawings, paintings, multiples, performances and audio works based on the failed 1984 movie Supergirl, having seen the movie once.

I have now organized my studio practice around the play Timon of Athens, written by William Shakespeare between 1605 and 1608, but not published until the folio of 1623. It is considered to be Shakespeare’s most difficult and obscure work, and is the only of his plays not performed in his lifetime. It may well be unfinished. It may have been partially written by Thomas Middleton, although there are brief passages credited to Thomas Heywood, George Wilkins, John Day, or Cyril Tourneur.

The dramatis personae of the play have provided me an ample starting point from which to begin. The Mistresses of Alcibiades are the first works from this series, and combine small-scale oil paintings of clenched anuses placed in the context of stark, reductive lines. These works constitute a marriage of extreme body images and extreme formalism, in the service of an extremely difficult 400-year old play.



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